Founded in 1991, Pranarôm is the specialist in scientific aromatherapy and 100% pure and organic essential oils. Throughout many years and innovations, the brand has established itself as a key player in the field and now distributes its products of incomparable quality to thousands of retail outlets.

Pranarôm is: 

  • More than 250 chemotyped essential oils 
  • More than 100 organic essential oils
  • About twenty vegetable oils and a wide range of  finished products based on essential oils
Inula Group - Pranarôm: 100% pure and organic essential oils


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to harmonize physical and mental health. Essential oils are used to enhance the natural healing process. It is a natural method based on the activity of the biochemical molecules of essential oils.

Scientific aromatherapy or aromatology is the study of essential oils. This science uses rigorous methodology and is based on solid scientific, laboratory-confirmed data.


The Pranarôm laboratory is synonymous with quality essential oils, meaning:

100% natural

i.e. not denatured with synthetic molecules, chemical emulsifying agents or mineral oils.

100% pure

i.e. free of other related essential oils, vegetable oils, alcohol, turpentine, etc.

100% whole

uncut, uncolored, unmodified, all active molecules have been extracted through a complete distillation process.


Pranarôm is an eco-responsible brand that meets consumers' expectations. For this reason, it has chosen to work with suppliers who meet certain criteria:

  • Selection of botanically certified plants
  • Long-term partnerships with farmers and distillers
  • Short distribution chains for better traceability
  • Systematic and rigorous inspections of each batch by independent bodies (gas chromatography, presence of pesticides, etc.)

All this makes Pranarôm a brand with commitments:

  • Focus on organic
  • Protection of endangered crops (Rosewood, Ravensara)
  • Certifications
  • Sustainable development programs

Inula Group - Pranarôm eco-responsible
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